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CandyFab: The Revolution Will be Caramelized

CandyFabbed Trefoil Knot

What is CandyFab? CandyFab is a machine that can make arbitrary 3D solid objects at low cost from a variety of low-melting point materials including pure sugar.

The CandyFab Project aims to reduce the costs associated with three-dimensional solid freeform fabrication, and to promote the use of fabrication technologies for culinary, educational, and artistic purposes.

Help wanted

The CandyFab Wiki is still new. Help us document the CandyFab Project as we grow. We're asking CandyFab Project participants to help us as we flesh out the site.

Near-term goals for Summer 2009:

  • Help us fill in some of the essentials on the site map.
  • Help us use the CandyFab Wiki to nurture development of the CandyFab project.
  • Help us build documentation for the CandyFab 6000.
  • Build some awesome software.

CandyFab Wiki

The CandyFab Wiki, an adjunct to, is a community driven resource for The CandyFab Project.

What's new? Check the list of Recent Changes. Where to start looking around? Check the site map.

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